Slik endrer du DNS på en Sony Smart TV

Step 1: Press the “Home” button on your remote. Select Setup and press on Network.

Step 2: Press on “Network Setup”.

Step 3: Select “Expert”.

Step 4: Choose “Wi-Fi” or “Wired LAN” depending on your connection.

Step 5: Chose “Status Info”.

Step 6: Write down your”IP address”.

Step 7: Go back to network and choose “Advanced options”.

Step 8: Press or click on “IP settings”.

Step 9: Now Select “Static”.

Step 10: Enter the first three groups of numbers of your IP address. For instance, if your IP address is “″, enter “192.166.1.”. For the fourth group of numbers, you can enter “50” so the final IP address will look like “” and click on “Next

Step 11: For the “Gateway” enter the full IP address of your router and click on “Next”.

Step 12: Enter “24” for the “Network Prefix Length” then click on “Next”.

Step 13: Enter your Preferred DNS and click on “Next”.

Step 14: For DNS 2 enter one of the Alternate DNS addresses and click on “Next”.

Press “OK” and you are done.

DNS Adresses:
Cloudflare DNS: or
Google DNS: or
Open DNS: or
DNS Watch: or

Restart your Sony Smart TV to allow the configuration to take effect.

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